The Burke Museum and Old-New Friends

While we were living in Korea and pregnant with Des, it turns out there was another mom-to-be also living in Korea, who just happened to be from my hometown.  Bonnie and I messaged back and forth during our pregnancies, and her little girl, Mina was born a little more than a week before Des.  We never got a chance to get together while we were in Korea, but they recently moved back, and we finally got these two foreign-born, U.S. citizens together.  Mina is the sweetest little girl, and she didn’t even fuss very much when Desmond pinched her on the cheek.  She also stayed awake during our visit to the Burke Museum, which is more than I can say for Desmond, who conked out right before we hit the dinosaurs.

 Miss Mina and her Mum

 A meeting of baby minds

The Burke Museum

 Des poses in front of a What The World Eats exhibit.  We have this book in our home, and it’s always fun to look at what families around the world eat.  Also, it really helps illustrate just how gross Americans can be (in other news, I ate almost a whole loaf of bread and a stick of butter today)

 Desmond, Mina, and Mina’s dad, Curtis in front of a giant sloth

 My fear of the ocean realized

 Doesn’t it look like that guy at the bottom of the totem pole is pushing a sleeping Desmond in his stroller?

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