Wolf Bites

Desmond has six teeth, six big, white Chiclet teeth, and lately trying to brush them has been a real bummer.  That is until I stumbled upon the single best video Sesame Street has ever made.  I’m totally lying, it’s the worst video with the most wretched catchy song, but somehow, some way, Desmond let’s us brush his teeth when he watches it.  I know, babies aren’t supposed to watch TV until they’re two, but I’ll bet any doctor would recommend a Sesame Street video for a minute and a half a day over tooth decay.  Watch it at your own risk, but I warn you again, the song will be stuck in your head forever.

…and here’s Desmond zoned out on TV and letting us brush his teeth.

He really needs it too, especially after eating so many of these:

 I’m totally kidding, he doesn’t eat these, I just saw them at the grocery store the other day and was like, “Hmm… weird choice for a name there.  I wonder whose idea this was, were they like, hey, you know what’s appetizing? Naming a cookie after a tiny greyhound and an inhalant.”  Then I almost bought them.  True story.

And just in case you were wondering, this is actually the single best video Sesame has ever made.

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4 thoughts on “Wolf Bites

  1. Kate Silk says:

    The video of zoned out baby with the amazing song in the background may just possibly be the most amazing thing I have ever seen

  2. Lex says:

    Seeing Elmo with big shiny teeth at the end is incredibly disconcerting.

    For some of the kids I sit for (one in particular) I made up a tooth-brushing song and now I am required to sing it every time we brush teeth. It’s based on Adam Sandler’s “Beating of a High School Janitor” and I’m finding it very effective, if equally annoying.

    Good luck, toothy friends!

  3. danielle gaughen says:

    OMG. Did they autotune Elmo??? And did Donna Summer make an appearance on that video? That’s epic. My day now has purpose.

    Kaya has two teeth and lives for the brushing of them. Especially if I let her hold the brush. I sing a song that is 10 times more ridiculous than that video… and sometimes I even dance, and grin so big my teeth might fall out of my own mouth.

    Being a mom makes you look like an asshole sometimes.

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