Hi guys, this has been the best week. Let me give you a little run down:

Desmond’s climbing skills have really taken off…

…and so have his walking skills! Yes, this little monster is mobile! He also got his first pair of jeans. And by jeans I mean jeggings sized for a three year old. Room to grow buddy. Room to grow.

He got some new boots…

…and some rad new pants. Put them together and you’ve got a magic combination of gnome and jazzercize.

We took some extreme close-ups,

and he got a little freaked out when papa tried imitating a napping sheep

He tried to get into everything,

but was thwarted by his parents childproofing skills.

But hey, he got over it pretty quick.

And then you guys? The coolest thing happened. We were wandering through the farmers’ market while I wished out-loud that there was a box of free kittens nearby, when suddenly we rounded the corner and there was the big Humane Society Cat-Mobile!   And there were cats inside! And we got one! And they waved the fee! So really, it was like we happened across a giant metal box of free cats! Obviously that’s not nearly as romantic as my original wish, but either way it was meant to be, and so now, I introduce you all to Jelly, who in her three days with us has proven to be quite possibly the world’s most perfect cat. Let me tell you, she really goes quite nicely with the world’s most perfect baby and the world’s most perfect husband (I’m starting a collection you see).

Whoa, Dad, you mean we get to keep this thing?

I will use my best gentle touch…

..and then I’ll get reeaallly close and see if she still loves me (she does!)

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4 thoughts on “Whoa.

  1. callmejagi says:

    I feel like the last “close-up” pic looks just like the ones you take in college of the drunk guys lol! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you spiked his milk.

    He’s growing up too quick; I might cry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Best post ever…Auntie Janet

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