Pumpkin Patch Part 2

Desmond’s fourth latte of the day.

Tessa really gets into the corn maze spirit.

Yes, it’s true.  All of these terribly attractive people are from Vashon Island.

Desmond made sure to taste each pumpkin to check which was the freshest.

This is from just last year!  Look how much he’s grown!  A gnome into a real boy.

For more photos of our pumpkin adventures, please visit my friend Kate’s blog.

5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Part 2

  1. Nicole Nel says:

    Hey guys! I can’t believe how much Desmond has grown since I last checked your blog! What a little grown up boy! I had my baby girl. Her name is Anna. She is already almost 8months old. Decided to change clinics from Mediflower to soonchunhyung uni hospital at 37 weeks. Had a few really late issues with dr Chung. Glad to see you are all well and happy! I will try keep more up to date with your blog! :) Nicole

    • julieloukim says:

      Hi Nicole, I’m sorry you had issues with Dr, Chung, but I’m glad everything worked out in the end for you. How did you find your experience at Soonchunhyung?

  2. callmejagi says:

    Tear tear* Such a big boy now :-/

  3. Young mi Kim says:

    LOVE SEEING all your beautiful smiles….. lovely sunny fall farm day!
    great grandma loved seeing you all too! thanks for posting these photos.

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