Dressing Desmond

I remember when Des was just a glimmer in our eye and a wave of nausea in my stomach. I remember looking at baby clothes and thinking, there’s no way anything could ever fit in something so small. Then he arrived and we dressed him up in every tiny outfit we’d stored up and you know what? They were big on him. Then, just the other day Joo-Young and I were going boot shopping for Des and we saw the best pair of little froggy rain-boots. We sighed when we realized they were way too big. We debated buying them now and waiting a few months until Joo-Young   got the genius idea to hold one up to Desmond’s foot. They were a perfect fit. I know I should have gotten accepted this by now, but it seems my tiny baby is now hulking out of all of his clothes and is ever-threatening to fit into the next size up.  Folks, we have a toddler on our hands.
IMG_3960 Desmond in all of his booted glory

IMG_3951 He also finally fits into this sweet alpaca tunic from Kat and Nathan.

IMG_3944 He’s got a way to go before he fits in this one though.

IMG_3927 But don’t tell him that.

IMG_3922 He thinks it fits juuust great.




2 thoughts on “Dressing Desmond

  1. Daniel says:

    How cute he is… @_@

  2. Mallory says:

    Aww. I ♥ you guys!

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