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Chungmuro Pets

Here is a short video of our trip to the row of pet shops in Chungmuro.  These pet shops are notorious for being a place that you shouldn’t buy pets.  We were warned that most of the pets here are sick.  Apparently, if you buy a pet here, you are supposed to get a warranty that covers you for the first few months.  Something along the lines of: “if it breaks (or dies) then you a new one free!”  I suppose this is necessary since there are so many folks out there hustling these little sick pups.  Most of them are probably sick because they have been pulled away from their mother’s milk too early and therefore they are left with no immune system to battle the poo-addled boxes and waterless bowls they are given.  This whole situation is kind of sad, but we have still been there a number of times just to look.

I suppose since drug-selling is out of the question, the next best thing is to peddle cute animals to children and their helpless parents.  Most of these dudes look like they could be selling any number of questionable product on the side (and they all seemed pretty upset whenever I whipped out my little video camera).  Anyway…

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