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Going Shopping

Going is shopping is always fun for many reasons.  But one is the fact that there are always going to be new products that you have not seen before and some of them are infused with some pretty priceless Konglish interpretations.  I admire Konglish interpretations because you can really see the poetic nature and clever thought that went into them and their only downfall is that they just don’t translate very well or western cultural ties to certain English words make the outcome a bit awkward.

Nothing conveys the true meaning of friendship like a dude about to crash his car…”OOPS!”  Scratch what I said earlier about things being messed up in translation, this one is just bizarre.

Oh my god!  I’m talking to my baseball again!  But how can I not, it is after all, my best friend.

…I imagine a farm where every action is deliberate and slow.  “Maaaaaannnnn IIIIII reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallllyyyy wiiiiiisssshhh maaaaaakiiiing miiiiiiiiiiiillllllllk diiiiiidn’t taaaaaaaaaake sooooooooo looooooooooooong” – a milk farm employee

Goo.N Supreme Diapers.  Yes, Julie and I were looking at emergancy disposable diaper prices and we came across this gem.

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