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Wolfie Madness

The wall behind our bed is a mess of cracking paint and nail-holes etc. etc.  It’s almost beyond the help of spackle and paint, and so, we did what any normal couple would do, we just made a giant painting to hang over the entire wall.  On the plus side, it turned out rad.  On the minus side?  It kind of looks like a giant weird headboard, which I guess is good because it keeps Desmond’s little fingers out of the lead paint-filled wall craters.

First we agonized over which animal to paint (it was going to be an animal from the start), we waffled pretty seriously between rabbit and wolf, but in the end our son’s namesake won out, and we chose this good looking graphic of a wolf running.

 First we taped him off


 Then we painted.  Originally the background was going to be pink, but we ran out of paint, so we went gray instead


 Then we removed the tape


 And added an eye and a cheek (you know…for effect)




 Our daily wolf inspiration

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